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Singapore demonstrated to be a prized settlement. By 1820, it was winning income, and after three years, its exchange outperformed that of Penang. In 1824, Singapore's status as a British belonging was formalized by two new arrangements. The first was the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of March 1824, by which the Dutch pulled back all complaints to the British control of Singapore. The second settlement was made with Sultan Hussein and Temenggong Abdur Rahman in August, by which the two proprietors surrendered the island inside and out to the British as an end-result of expanded money instalments and benefits.  Singapore, together with Malacca and Penang, the two British settlements in the Malay Peninsula, turned into the Straits Settlements in 1826, under the control of British India. By 1832, Singapore had turned into the focal point of government for the three zones. On 1 April 1867, the Straits Settlements turned into a Crown Colony under the ward of the Colonial Office in London. The British powers returned in September 1945 and Singapore went under the British Military Administration. At the point when the time of military organization finished in March 1946, the Straits Settlements was broken down. On 1 April 1946, Singapore turned into a Crown Colony. Penang and Malacca turned out to be a piece of the Malayan Union in 1946, and later the Federation of Malaya in 1948.


Meet at the junction of Singapore. Our Tour guide welcome you in Airport with full style and respect. Go through the day investigating subsequent to being exchanged to your lodging. Welcome to the Singapore Reception.

Guideline: Have good rest so that you can enjoy your tomorrow time in tour.

When you are up it's break fast time. Afterward, our tour guide pick you up from the hotel and we are moving to the City tour. You know that Singapore is most attractive and beautiful city in the world. People love to visit and spend time their. We are going on the bus, travel in bus. When we travel on bus you love the sightseeing and enjoy the beauty of the city. During travel you can make pictures, videos, video call everything you wan to do. It is the best time to make amazing and memorable memories. You are travel with the group of people, meet people enjoy with them as well. Enjoy their culture, shopping malls, local lunch, and different other things. After the all day, tour guide drop you at hotel. Take proper rest, because you need to travel tomorrow. pack your language at night.

Guideline: Have good rest so that you can enjoy your tomorrow time in tour.

Its, totally free day in Singapore. If you want to go any where, search on google and go their. Enjoy free day in Singapore. When you are in Singapore it totally different feelings. Because it is the most beautiful and amazing place in the world. You can go on shopping, City tour any thing you want to do in Singapore. In other side if you want our services in your free day, contact us. Discuss your plans with GOGLOBAL, different additional tours and small packages are available.

Guideline: Pack you luggage , because you need to leave tomorrow.

Its time to go so, check out from your hotel, private car and driver will take you to the airport for a quick. Hopefully you love our services. Thank you for choice us.

Guideline: Have a safe Journey.

Destination & Sightseeing

Singapore is the best place to visit and spend your vacations with family and friends. Must visit the following places in Singapore.

Best places in Singapore:

  • Singapore Zoo
  • Sentosa
  • Universal Studio
  • Singapore Sightseeing. 


  • 3 Nights accommodations in Singapore with Breakfast.
  • We give you an English Speaking Licensed Guide Tour.
  • No need to worry about entrance fees, meals and taxes all are included as per Itinerary.


  • Any international flight tickets
  • Any Domestic flights + Any visa fees
  • Gratuities to the Guide & Driver As Per Your Decision
  • Personal expenses of the guests, laundry, Medical treatment etc.


GOGLOBAL gives you comfortable and stylish travel with their professional team. Our first priority is to Hand-picked hotels to make sure your comfortable stay. After a day of travelling, you want to relax in a comfortable, clean, and attractive hotel. We select hotels with the best guest rooms (always with a private bathroom) and with breakfast. For our tour packages we select hotels that are mainly three stars and four stars, but we also feature five-star hotels.

Each hotel is rated by our quality controllers and true feedback of our previously visited guests following standards set by the independent Hotel & Travel Index. We calculated the tour package price as per the star category of hotels, although it may be necessary to substitute with an alternate hotel of equivalent standard. Your travel documents will list hotel addresses with the telephone. However, no need to face any problem during travel.


Child Policy

Discounted Deals:

The following child discounts apply to our all Turkey packages. The below discounts apply when sharing accommodations with two adults. To receive the child discount, the age of the child must qualify at the commencement of services.

Age :

  • If your kid is between 0-2 Years Child Free of charge.

  • If your kid is between 3-6 Years Child receives a 50% discount on the tour package price.

  • If your kid is above 7 and below 11 then Child receives a 25% discount on the tour package price.

  • But on the other side, if your kid is above 11 like12 Years then you have to Pays full.

  • For kids, 0-2 years will get a baby cot in the room by request at the hotel reception. In case of non-availability of baby, cot child has to share existing bed with parents.  

Kid's Accommodation:

  • For children, 3-6 years will share the existing bed with parents.

  • For children 7-11 years an extra mattress will be prearranged in parent’s room.

  • For children 12 years an extra mattress will be prearranged in the parent’s room.

Travellers who are under 18 years old on the departure date must be accompanied by an adult throughout the tour, and are requested to share an adult’s accommodation.


Note: Due to heightened security, many countries have adopted practices to prevent international abductions of children. If a child will be travelling with adults other than the parents or with only one parent, it is recommended that a notarized letter be written by the parents or non-travelling parent granting authorization to travel, including the dates of travel. We suggest that you also contact the appropriate consulate and airlines because they may have additional requirements or recommendations.


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