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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to postpone or cancel my existing booking. Will I be charged?


    Credit for Future Tours (free): You keep your money as a credit on file. In short, you can use the credit to book a future tour with the same tour operator. If this is available for you, we'll contact you online via your booking conversation page. Note:this is only available for some tours (we’re actively working to enable this for more tours). 

    Full Cancellation (fees may apply): You can cancel your tour. Please note, full refunds are not available for all tours and fees may apply.

  • Can the tour operator make changes to my tour?


    Re-routing: The tour operator may re-route the itinerary to make sure that travellers are safe and that the tour still runs smoothly. The tour operator will be in touch with any changes they may need to make.

    Cancellation: The tour operator has the right to cancel your upcoming departure if they have any safety concerns. If they do cancel the tour for any reason, you can expect the tour operator to be in touch with your alternative options.
  • How do I find out if the amount I paid for my tour can be turned into credit?

    If your tour is eligible, we’ll contact you directly online via your booking conversation page. We're actively working with our tour operators to make this option available for more customers. We're also currently experiencing high call volumes. If you have additional questions about your tour’s credit on file eligibility, please contact us via your booking conversation page. The easiest way to access this page is via the link in your booking confirmation email.
  • How do I cancel my tour?

    Contact us online via your booking conversation page. We can’t process cancellations on the phone. The easiest way to access this page is via the link in your booking confirmation email. Please note that depending on the date of your tour, fees may apply and the tour operator's cancellation policy and GOGLOBAL cancellation policy applies. Many (but not all) tour operators are also offering flexible options to convert your previously booked tour to credit you can use on future tours. 
  • When will it be safe to travel to affected areas?

    It’s unclear at this time. The situation can change rapidly with a virus like COVID-19, so be sure to visit the World Health Organization and Centre for Disease Control and Prevention for continued updates and travel advice. 
  • Should I change my travel plans if I’ve booked a tour?

    Some tour companies have suspended their immediate departures to affected areas. Tour operators are currently monitoring the situation closely, and they’re in the process of notifying affected passengers. 
  • Should I avoid booking flights right now?

    Many airlines are offering flexible booking options for future flights that allow you to change your reservation. Check with individual airlines for details.
  • What is the GOGLOBAL cancellation policy?

    Our standard cancellation policy is in our Terms & Conditions, but all tours on GOGLOBAL are run by a tour operator, in other words, the company running the tour. Each tour operator has an individual cancellation policy. In response to COVID-19, many are currently changing their standard policies to be more flexible, enabling you to keep the money you paid so far and convert it to credit. We'll keep the credit on file which you can use for future tours run by the same tour operator you booked with.
  • If I want to book a future tour now, do you offer any extra flexibility?

    We offer additional flexibility on selected tours.  If your plans shift, you can easily change the dates or tour. Check out book with flexibility for more details. 

Where can I find more info about coronavirus (COVID-19)?

For the most current information about coronavirus (COVID-19), go to
How did coronavirus (COVID-19) start?
In December 2019, China and the World Health Organization (WHO) identified the presence of a new virus that stemmed from several confirmed pneumonia cases occurring in the Chinese city of Wuhan in the province of Hubei. It was given the temporary name of 2019-nCoV, or COVID-19. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic.